Hire Footwear

Hire Footwear

We stock a large range of styles and colours available here at IN DISGUISE  

To compliment your outfits - we have:




Teddy Boy crepes,-  Winkle Picker shoes, - 1960's pvc boots,  - 1970's platforms for men and women


Glitter platforms,  - platform shoes, -  platform sandals,  - saloon girl boots, - Cowboy Boots


Red glitter shoes for Dorothy, - Roman sandals, - Only Gay in the Village gladiator boots,-  Pantomime Dame footwear, - Gulliver shoes, - Regency lady shoes, -  Bugsy Malone gangster shoes black and white


Pirate Boots, - Ridding Boots, - Cavalier Boots,-  Baseball Boots, - Super Hero Boots, - Mens Stilletos


Boot Covers in black or brown leatherette, -  U.V effective boot covers in three colours


Pixie boot covers, - Santa boot covers.




Please call into our shop to view and try on our range of footwear 

PRICES start at £5 and raise to £15



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