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Product no.: 7000BA007

Convict style Ball and Chain accessory.

Completes a convict costume or a fun accessory for a party.

Product no.: 7000BA016

Black Mock Boot Covers

Wear over your own shoes with elastic to keep the boots in place.

Instant boots look without changing your shoes

Product no.: 7000BA051

Red and white striped clown socks

Can make a clown's costume on its own or with a clown costume. 

Product no.: 7000BA148

Mock Pirate Hook 

Plastic black and silver hook hand.

Complete a  Captian Hook outfit for all events.

Product no.: 7000BA149

Pirate Cutlass

Plastic black handle and silver blade. 

Product no.: 7000BA150

Pirate plastic Pistol

A gun for the Captain of the ship.

Product no.: 7000IJ011

Small inflatble parrot

Red, blue and yellow coloured parrot.

Can be used with pirates or with other animals.