We stock Grimas make-up and face paint all year aorund.

We sell brushes, sponges, individual pots and palettes.

We cater for everything from pantomimes to birthday parties.

                                                                   Just come in to view our wide range of colours!

We stock face paints for fun and stage productions. Our good quaility Make-up can be used to create many different looks.

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Product no.: 7000MU116

Face Putty can be used on stage or at character events.

A great addition to a Halloween look.

Product no.: 7000MU119

Liquid Latex used to make Fake Skin.

It can be molded to whatever shape you need.

Product no.: 7000MU131

Gothic black Nail Polish and Black Lipstick.

Used for Vampires and Vampiress looks.

Product no.: 7000MD094

Fake teeth, in the style of Austin Powers.

Putty molds to fit own teeth.

Product no.: 7000MD092

Vampire Fang Caps

Moldable fang caps to look like a vampire

Product no.: 7000MB028

Spirit Gum

Small bottle of spirit gum.

Can be used to stick on Crepe Hair (hair made into your own facial hair choice).