Hats in different sizes and styles, hats can be ordered in.

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Product no.: 7000002

Bowler Hat in black felt large

Product no.: 7000028

Bowler Hat Black felt small crown

Product no.: 7000058

WPC Hat Black with badge


Top Hat Glitter

Good for shows, dances, showgirl costumes and many more

Add a little glitz to your costume



French Beret

Product no.: 7000116

Mexican Straw Sombrero

Product no.: 7000124

Scotsman Hat with Ginger Hair, Tartan beret with ginger hair

Product no.: 7000178

Fez Felt Hat

Product no.: 7000243

Gangster Hat black felt Budget

Product no.: 700030

Doughboy Hat white cotton fabric (sailor)


Studded Felt Cowboy Hat

Product no.: 7000BA121

Feather Indian Headress, multi-coloured cheif headress.

Can be used to complete an Indian costume or on it's own, or for pantomime.

Product no.: 7000BA124

Indian Headband, 

Coloured band with 2 feathers.

Perfect for Western, Indian and Squaw nights

Product no.: 7000MD101

Adult Bunny Ears on a Headband

White and pink bunny ears 

Product no.: 7000BH031

Police Hard Helmet 

Black hard hat with dilver badge attached and chin strap.


Product no.: 7000BH043A

Black Felt Mortar Board

Product no.: 7000BH051

Black Felt Top Hat 

Black hat with black band across.

Product no.: 7000BH053

Stovepipe Top Hat

Black tall felt top hat.



Product no.: 7000BH099

Green Australian Hat with corks