We have a wide range of accessories other than wigs, hats and make up. To see our full range come in store or call us on 01670820999.

We can order in stock if we don't already have it, if you have something particular in mind come in store and speak to our staff about ensuring you can get what you want.

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Product no.: 7000BA001

White angel wings, white net and silver detail.

Product no.: 7000BA002

White angel wings, white net and silver detail. (Large)

Product no.: 7000BA007

Convict style Ball and Chain accessory.

Completes a convict costume or a fun accessory for a party.

Product no.: 7000BA010

Beatnick cigarette holder, black and white long cigarette holder.

Completes a 20's flapper girl look as well as other 20's styles. 

Product no.: 7000BA016

Black Mock Boot Covers

Wear over your own shoes with elastic to keep the boots in place.

Instant boots look without changing your shoes

Product no.: 7000BA056

Plastic golden crown, with coloured jewels.

Product no.: 7000BA057

Plastic silver crown, with coloured jewels. 

Royal silver plastic tiara, crowns also available.

Product no.: 7000BA097

Plastic monocle with gold coloured chain.

With a suit it can complete a gentleman look, or as one of the many other famous monocle wearers.

Product no.: 7000BA103

Pair of short White gloves.

Can be used for Magicians, Santa, Mime Artists, or Ladies' period costumes.

Product no.: 7000BA121

Feather Indian Headress, multi-coloured cheif headress.

Can be used to complete an Indian costume or on it's own, or for pantomime.

Product no.: 7000BA129

Clear Glasses, John Lennon style for a night a music star. 

Or could be used for The Beatles.

Product no.: 7000BA139

Gold, plastic Monk Cross with black rope attached.

Fake holy cross to go over a monk or a nun costume.

Product no.: 7000BA150

Pirate plastic Pistol

A gun for the Captain of the ship.

Product no.: 7000BA172

Roman Gold Laurel Leaves

Gold leaves attached to a headband to give a Roman or Greek Goddess look.

Product no.: 7000BA177

Detective style Smoking Pipe.

Plastic cream and black pipe.

Product no.: 7000BA183

Mock Stethoscope 

Silver and black stethoscope to finish off a doctor or nurses costume.

Product no.: 7000BA185

Punk style studded choker

Black and silver choker

Product no.: 7000BA186

Punk style studded wristband.

Black and silver wristband.

Product no.: 7000BA187

Punk style studded fingerless gloves

Black and silver gloves.

Wristbands and Choker also available. 

Product no.: 7000MD176

Black Mohawk, Mr T style

Product no.: 7000MD101

Adult Bunny Ears on a Headband

White and pink bunny ears 

Product no.: 7000MD057

Fake Witch Nose

Light skin coloured crooked nose with wart and elastic attached.

Product no.: 7000MD056

We have an assorted collection of fake noses, for witches, for animals, and for people.

Product no.: 7000MD037

Mock hairy chest

Can be cut 

Product no.: 7000MD016

Green Pixie ears

Pointed ears, available in different colours and sizes

Product no.: 7000MD012

Devil Red Ears

Mock red pointy ears attach over your own ears.

Product no.: 7000MD007

Clown Red Nose

Sponge red nose 

Product no.: 7000MD006

Mock Bald Head

Light skin coloured bald head

Product no.: 7000PG004

Party Poppers

Mix of colours in a box of 12.

Product no.: 7000IJ001

Flame Inflatable Guitar

Black and red guitar, can become a rock star instantly. 

1 - 30 of 45 results